Power of Attorney/Court of Protection

If someone is unable to manage their affairs due to age or ill health, they can appoint an Attorney to act on their behalf in financial matters. We can advise on the legal effects of appointing an Attorney, and can prepare a Power of Attorney to meet the individual requirements of each case. If someone is mentally incapable it may be necessary to apply to the Court of Protection for authorisation of the appointment of a Receiver to manage his or her property and affairs. We can act for and advise Attorneys and Receivers in carrying out their responsibilities and deal with any application to the Court of Protection which may be required.

We have the experience and resources to act as attorneys for our clients and to deal with all aspects of the management of their financial affairs and property.

Community Care & Assisted Living

Many people are concerned about their future liability to pay for residential and nursing home care, and the way this will affect their home and other assets. In the UK, if you have assets or savings over a certain amount, you may be liable to pay for your own care in the event you need some type of assisted living. We can advise you with regard to this.