Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax at 40% can seriously damage your wealth. The motive of the estate planning is to formulate a plan to preserve your resources and maximise your wealth, for the benefit of you and your family, in the most convenient and effective way and at the lowest tax cost. It is not a once in a lifetime scheme which solves all problems for all time, but rather a strategic plan continuing through life and periodically reviewed as personal circumstances and fiscal legislation change. We have built up considerable expertise in the field of estate planning and can provide comprehensive advice on how best to arrange your affairs.

Inheritance Tax (IHT)

The Inheritance Tax limit (known as the “Nil Rate Band”) is £255,000 in the current tax year 2003/04. Add up the value of your house, car, investments, insurance policies, and business interests – if the total is more than the Nil Rate Band, then your estate may be liable for IHT on your death. We will review your assets and advice you how to preserve your estate and reduce any potential IHT liability e.g. by reviewing your Wills, transfer of property, creation of trusts.


The use of trusts is an important way of preserving your assets and saving tax, both during your lifetime and after your death. We can tell you about the legal and taxation implications of creating a trust, advise on the trustees’ responsibilities and duties, highlight their options and choices throughout the lifetime of the trust, and deal with the winding up of the trust.

Business and Farming Interests

Clients who own a business or a farm want to protect the assets which they have worked hard to build up. We can advise on:-

  • Succession on the death of a proprietor, partner or director/shareholder.
  • Partnership agreements.
  • Shareholder agreements.
  • Protecting death-in-service benefits from tax.
  • Passing the business or farm on to the next generation.