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Buying or selling a house is a major event for most people and sometimes difficult decisions have to be made.  We can help you make these decisions if you consult us at an early stage.  We can guide you through the sometimes complicated legal aspects of a house move.  We give helpful advice and guidance, warn you of difficulties, keep you informed and act promptly and efficiently on your behalf.

As well as dealing with the legal aspects of buying and selling houses and flats, we are also experienced in dealing with retirement home schemes, leases, remortgages and arrangements for co-owning or sharing homes.

Gifts and Trusts

Shared ownership, shared occupation and gifts of the family home all have important legal and tax implications.  We can advise you how to arrange things so that your interests are safeguarded and your home is protected against claims by a third party.

Registration of Title

Many of our clients own land and property which they acquired before 1975, the title to which is not registered at the Land Registry. We have assisted a number of clients with applications for first registration of title, ranging from small pieces of garden to large areas of agricultural land. We can ensure that the title register shows the correct owners, the boundaries of the land are clearly identified, and the register shows full details of the title, including any covenants and easements. Registration makes future transfers of all or part of any land much easier.

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